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An RC Toys Helicopter Is Amazing To Watch In The Air And Easy To Navigate

Discover our helis with gyroscope, 3-channel, 4-channel and 6-channel models, as well as the exceptional 3.5 channel model. The spectacular 3.5ch toy that you will enjoy whether by flying it yourself or watching your kid outdoors from the distance. Our cool 3.5ch helis are suitable for any age maneuvrable with easy switches under a variety of surrounding factors, something to start and try, to see if it could be exactly what your kid is looking for. Riskless, safe use and control, because they are powered by durable batteries as energy source and driven by a brushless electric engine.

The 3.5ch helicopters on this site come with an extra option in different sizes for indoor and outdoor use, which is nice if you like flying such a craft and having more remote control power in your hands. Check our budget offers in this category.

The Double Rotor Helis

To make your experience even more memorable, we offer strong double rotor RC helis and even a big remote control RC helicopter with camera, to record the unthinkable beauty you can only see in movement. The airframes are lightweight leaving plenty of room for easy maneuvering. The toys equipped with changeble blades and  a gyroscope system offers enhanced stability and easier handling in situations with wind and turbulence. If you already have experience with a 3-channel helicopter you will find the comparison between 4ch and 6-channel helicopters for instance, particularly appealing, as in addition to the beginner features, such as throttle, yaw, move forward and backwards, they come with additional options of motion, such as tilting of main rotor and others to select from the adjustable control panel.

4 CH Helicopters

Fly our quality 4ch syma machines which are designed for those who are into radio controlled toys and already have some experience operating them. A 4ch helicopter can be a great gift for a beginner too, but it might require some training, so it becomes  somewhat of a challenge to overcome and triumph at an affordable price.

The 6 CH Helicopter For Experts

You also may have a look at the awesome collection of our larger sized 6ch rc helicopters assembled from materials like metal and a mixture of polycarbonate and polystyrene plastics with a lot of power right here. We only present the most reliable 6ch helis with eye catching design, improved maneuverability and performance. A toy helicopter like this model is greatly recommandable for advanced pilots that would like to expand their horizons by trying a new feature and more challenging flight maneuvers. This 6ch helis are running without fuel/gas by a rechargable battery for the electric motor.

Last not least we offer bigger radio controlled helicopters with camera many people dream about, so why not make your own dream come true?

Certified Safety Standards - Best Remote Helicopter For Kids

All our remote control helicopters are certified and comply with the safety standards. It's amazing what is possible with a remote operated heli equipped with camera available in this section, the possibilities are countless, leaving it to your imagination how to use it. Our items come with all elements ready to use and fast 24 hours shipping from the United States.

Discover the best rc helicopters for yourself or your child! In this category, superb rc helic are equipped to make your day into a true celebration of technological progress. We offer radio control helicopters of any size, color and modification, all you need is to make up your mind and go for it without further doubts!


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