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RC Cars

RC Cars For Kids

It's said: Boys will always be boys and the evolution of boy's toys into a hobby for grown ups might attest the fact that some boys never grow up, at least when we talk about toy cars.

The term RC car is a generalization applied to any car toy or model which uses a radio control system for remote management. In general we distinguish two types of RC cars: the toy grade for young boys and the hobby grade for adolescents and men of all ages.

Electric RC cars are generally lighter than their fuel (nitro) powered counterparts and an ideal gift for kids. The main difference between these two different drive types is that the toy grade only resembles the look of a miniature car, while the hobby grade types are actual miniature models which come with individual parts assembled like full sized cars. Hobby grade RC cars are treated like their real counterparts, because they require a regular maintenance.

RC Cars Are Also True Toys For Big Boys

Especially nitro cars are often appreciated by grown ups in terms of complexity and ability to perform real races and allow men and kids alike to enjoy an RC racing car. This is especially true for models equipped with the new brushless motors  or gas powered motors. These models are replicates of real cars, produced with lots of pieces which need care and maintenace. They have much more power than those still using an electric motor and require some experience in handling an hobby grade toy. As RC cars are often used for competition purposes, they are usually equipped with a powerful radio control systems to allow their performance on a larger distance.

Electric RC cars are powered by rechargeable batteries which connect directly to the engine. This motor propels all the necessary gears in order for the toy to move. The batteries also provide the power for other electrical components like the servo motors. Battery powered vehicles are usually simple designed and easy to maintain. These cars are suitable for kids who might not have any idea yet about maintenance tasks.
Our radio controlled vehicles give lots of fun, are cheap toys and manufactured with good quality, able to survive the rough treatment kids often apply.

A remote controlled car can easily be run as off road, or on road vehicle. If your kid likes participation in competitive racing, then an RC car is the right toy for it. With RC toy cars there is absolutely nothing to master. Your boy could have the same fun being a novice as a skilled RC driver. There is absolutely no reason to become bored with these great models. Each and every occasion driving a radio controlled vehicle provides a brand new driving experience.

Here you will find a great selection of RC toy cars of different size, shape and color. You will discover models which meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer or child. Our RC Toys are made of good high quality materials, and will withstand many rough treatments applied by your kids.

1/10 scale 4WD Drift RC Racing Car Type C


1/10 scale 4WD Drift RC Racing Car Type G


1/10 scale 4WD Drift RC Racing Car Type I


1/10 scale 4WD Drift RC Racing Car Type K


1/10 scale 4WD Drift RC Racing Car Type L


10" 1:14 scale Ferrari 599 GTO Red


10" Mini RC Invincible Tornado Toy Stunt C...


10" Mini RC Invincible Tornado Toy Stunt C...


11" 1:14 Lamboighini Superleggera Black


11" 1:14 Lamboighini Superleggera Orange


11.4" 1:14 AUDI TT White


11.8" 1:12 Scale Ferrari California Red